Our Policies

In conjunction with our stated terms and conditions, our policies regarding health and safety and associated issue, provides a comprehensive outline of actions, restrictions and qualifications, designed for the safety and welfare of our travelling customers. This is summarised below:-

Our Staff and Drivers

  • Criminal Records Bureau Duisclosure
  • Undergo training as required;
  • Adhere to the content of our Company Handbook


  • Well equipped and maintained to meet standards of compliance;
  • In the event of breakdown, we endeavour to provide a prompt recovery service;
  • Carry First Aid, window hammers and fire extinguisher equipment;
  • Adequate safety exits.


Employer / Employee and Public Liability Insurance: £10,000,000.

Health and Safety

  • Copies of policies, including our Operator’s Licence are available on request – and relate to:
  • Transport, Health, Safety, Fire;
  • Customer care and complaints.

School Trips

Schools will be aware of the guidelines issued by the Department for Education and Skills and Hodson’s Coaches complies with these stringently.

The detailed guidance is et out in the (ref HSPV2 – for a copy, call 0808 100 50 60) and in the supplement Standards for LEA in overseeing Educational Visits (DFES publication 0564/2002 or www.teachernet.gov.uk/dockbank/index.cfm?id=2576